Welcome to Medical Wellness Clinics


What’s it take to get my life back to where it was?


Wonderful question and one we welcome at Medical Wellness Clinics. Whether you have a weight problem, or are experiencing a decreased sexual desire, we would like to help you. Medical Wellness Clinics is the right place for you.


Let’s face it, growing older is something that affects everyone – but often it most affects those who resign themselves to doing nothing about it. With an aging population Medical Wellness Clinics specializes in programs to maximize life and all its joys. We don’t just manage getting older; we help you improve upon your life.


We help people improve their lives through Weight Loss programs, Hormone Replacement, and Botox Treatments.


With your desire and our expertise, the best in life is calling you back.

Weight Loss

You will be assessed and examined by a board certified physician and a custom treatment program will be provided to you.


BTL VANQUISH ME™ treatments are designed for those who want to decrease the circumference of their abdomen and thighs – regardless of their BMI.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is the use of hormones to make up for the decline or lack of natural hormones produced in the body.