Weight Loss

Our philosophy is that weight loss is the key to a healthier lifestyle.


Find out how Hormone Replacement Therapy can boost your immune system and give you more energy.

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Hormone Replacement Therapy

The benefits range from increased sexual potency/frequency, lowered cholesterol levels, increased energy, stamina and endurance, improved memory, function and ability, and improved mood.


i-Lipo™ is the latest in laser lipolysis, offering you a way to reduce body circumference, and contour your body with no pain, no needles and no down time.

Weight Loss

On your first visit to Medical Wellness Clinics you will receive a consultation with a trained professional. You will also be assessed and examined by a board certified physician and a custom treatment program will be provided to you.


BOTOX® Cosmetic is the only FDA approved treatment to temporarily reduce wrinkling of the face.


BTL VANQUISH ME™ Radio Frequency (RF) treatments are designed for those who want to decrease the circumference of their abdomen and thighs.


Services offered by Medical Wellness Clinics

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)
  • Weight Loss
  • Vanquish
  • i-Lipo
  • Aesthetics

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I worked as a Paramedic for 25 years and after retiring 2 years ago I started to gain weight. I often felt fatigue and had started to suffer with back pain. I was not feeling good about myself at all. When I purchased a pair of jeans two sizes bigger than the last pair, I realized I had to do something. Before I retired I was able to maintain a certain weight, but somewhere along the line I lost that discipline. I tried to get back in shape on my own, but after several failed attempts I decided I needed help. I contacted the Medical Weight Loss Clinic and after my first appointment, I knew I made the right decision.

George Cornell

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Highly recommended!!! I’ve lost 8 inches of body fat in 2,1/2 months I went from 173 pounds to now 138 pounds in just 3 months ! I feel great, look great, and majorly happy with-my results!!! I finally have my high school body back and could not be more happy !!! Also the ladies here are beyond sweet. We have all became so close here they even were able to make it to my wedding!! Loi highly recommended if your trying to loose weight! Definitely not like all the other wasteful gimmicks everyone try’s to sell and trick you into doing.

Racheal Daymon

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